Project management

All projects at a glance.
Keep track of your projects and react to problems in good time.

A list full of valuable information - all at a glance

Project list

You can see important information about your projects in a clear table:

  • Which CMS (Content Management System) is used for your website
  • SSL encryption status of your website - is there a certificate? And if so, is it working?
  • Display of the version of the CMS and whether it is secure and up-to-date using a traffic light display (red, green, orange)
  • The current online status during the last website check by SYSSY and the HTTP status code
  • Performance information that SYSSY determines with a Google Lighthouse analysis
  • Display whether the project has a maintenance contract


Don't miss anything in the detailed views

Detail views

Each website also has extensive detailed views in which you can see a lot of other useful information about your website:

  • Information about the server used and the current status: PHP version, MySQL version, HTTP version, IP address and port
  • Detailed information on Google Lighthouse Performance Analysis: FCP, LCP, TTI, TBT, CLS and Performance Score
  • SEO analysis of your home page with information on the page title, meta description, various other meta tags, robots.txt and XML sitemap
  • Additional information that you have stored about your website, such as information on hosting or maintenance contracts
  • Information about the customer of the website, such as company name, contact person and address
  • Documentation that you created manually and automatic documentation that is created when changes are detected
  • Monitoring information and the monitoring history of the last months, so you can identify and track failures
  • Notifications of errors that have occurred and their status


Easy going.


  • Manage domain, protocol and used CMS
  • Use extensive filter functions
  • Use the project overview with live analysis
  • Quick overview through traffic light display