Your data from SYSSY in PDF.
Export your data and record it in the form of a PDF - for you or your customers.

A PDF full of valuable information - all at a glance

PDF Report

With the report tool you have the possibility to export all relevant data of a project and a monitoring history of the last 3 months in a PDF report. The reports are available for download in SYSSY for an indefinite period of time.

You can select the following data for the export:

  • General information
  • CMS information
  • Server information
  • Performance information
  • SEO overview
  • Alerts
  • Documentations
  • Monitoring

Use your own branding.

Report templates

You can create your own templates for the reports and dip them into your own branding. A setting of logo, footer information and date format designs the reports in your company branding, so that you can send them to customers.

You also have the possibility of creating multiple templates and selecting a separate template for each report. This allows you to create different reports with different logos and branding.


Keep track

Record the data in the report.

  • Record the most important data in a regular report
  • Brand the reports with your company data
  • Send out the reports to your customers