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The new GDPR Check is here!

Even easier GDPR check thanks to its own "GDPR Check" button. 🤓

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Screenshot of the alert list from SYSSY with GDPR problems

Keep an overview of GDPR with SYSSY! 🤓

SYSSY makes it visible!

With the new feature that detects the integration of Google services on your website, nothing remains undiscovered. 🧐

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Liste of extension alerts

SYSSY detects security gaps in TYPO3 extensions and Wordpress plugins

SYSSY makes it visible!

With the new feature that detects security gaps in Wordpress plugins and TYPO3 extensions in your installations, nothing remains undiscovered. 🧐

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Why so I need SYSSY

We have all the necessary information on the server. Why SYSSY?

We are often asked "Why do we actually need SYSSY? What is the added value?”.

Many agencies have managed servers on which all their projects are located and which offer a nice project overview or a software with which you can keep an overview of all projects. Good question, then, why do you still need SYSSY?

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SYSSY TYPO3 Extension on TER available

SYSSY extension is now available for download for TYPO3 in the TER.

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SYSSY Wordpress plugin on available

We did it and our SYSSY plugin is now available on for download!

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[Translate to English:] Screenshot von der SYSSY Website

The first version of the website is live!

We have put a lot of love into our new website to explain to you as best as possible what SYSSY is all about and what SYSSY can do.

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Image with different devices showing the SYSSY app

Android & iOs App ist here!

We are happy about our brand new app for Android & iOs, which sends you an immediate push notification to your smartphone if there are problems with your website. So you always have everything in view and your are up to date!

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This project is funded by aws, with funds from the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development.