SYSSY is the online tool for managing and monitoring your websites.
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All projects at a glance.

Project management


A clearly arranged table shows all your projects and their status at a glance.
For each website there also is a detailed view providing more in-depth information.

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Automatically monitor your websites.


Easy going.


  • Efficiently manage domains, protocols and CMS
  • Find what you are looking for by using comprehensive filtering functions
  • Take advantage of the project overview with live analysis
  • Keep everything in view thanks to the traffic light system

SYSSY supports the following CMS extensions:

These extensions will follow shortly:

Keep a close eye on performance.



Your websites are analyzed at regular intervals using Google Lighthouse.
While the project table gives an overview of the results, the detailed view provides more in-depth information by showing the most important values of these analyses.
With the monitoring history you can also track performance over time.

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Keep an eye on SEO data.

SEO analysis of the homepage

  • SYSSY analyzes the start page of your website for specific SEO data at regular intervals.
  • It is checked whether certain HTML tags such as title tag, meta description, open graph tags, etc. are present.
  • The contents of these tags are analyzed and a traffic light display (red, green, orange) shows whether everything is ok.
  • The read data is displayed directly and is visible in a list view for all projects.
  • It is checked whether your website can be indexed by Google using the meta robots tag.

SEO Übersicht

GDPR keep track.

GDPR check

SYSSY checks your websites for loading external scripts without consent, which is not GDPR compliant. If such services are found that are not blocked by a cookie banner, SYSSY creates an alert and lets you know that action is required.

Especially when managing many websites, an automatic check of all projects is a great time saver - the alternative would be to check each page manually.

The following services are currently being checked (the list is constantly being expanded):

  • Google Fonts
  • Google Maps
  • Google ReCaptcha
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tagmanager

GDPR overview

Past performance well documented.

History & Documentation

  • SYSSY stores a monitoring history for all of your projects. This way you can find out how certain events have affected the past.
  • When you make adjustments to projects, you can create documentation and send it directly to the customer.
  • You can always reconstruct when something has happened and which changes were good or bad for your websites.
  • If the project is connected to the CMS via plugin, changes to the server, such as the PHP version, are automatically detected and documented.


Your data from SYSSY in PDF.


  • Export relevant project data to a PDF
  • Select the data to export
  • Use your own template
  • Send out the reports to your customers


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Manage your website customers.

Customer administration

  • Management of your customers
  • Project overview per customer
  • Data import from CSV
  • Export the data to a CSV file


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