SYSSY for a better online world

Manage and monitor websites efficiently.
Detect problems at an early stage.
That is our task.

Our vision

Simplify work and save time

Simplify work and save time - invent a system for Sisyphean work, that's our goal.

Website management can become a very time-consuming task for many websites.
Especially web developers should be supported in their daily work to be able to use their resources as efficiently as possible for the realization of their projects.

Wie alles begann

From the idea to the product

The idea for SYSSY was born in 2018 when trying to get an overview of all existing websites in the company and the current status with regard to the GDPR.

In order to make all projects compliant with the GDPR, a comprehensive directory of all projects had to be created first. The big data collection had begun and a huge Excel list was created - with a lot of columns, among others for SSL, contact form, Google Analytics, Google Maps, .... a real SISYPHUS work.

While working on this list, the thought came up more and more often:
There must be something! ... but there was nothing that met the needs.

In 2019, the first prototype of SYSSY was created.

In 2020, the project was submitted for funding (AWS Creative Impact) and received funding approval. This was followed by a development-intensive year that resulted in the first usable platform. The SYSSY app was also created as part of this grant.

The years 2021 and 2022 were spent on refinements, beta testing, server optimization, and website creation and expansion.

2023: End of beta testing and go-live

The founder

Ingrid Stürmer, MSc

Ingrid Stürmer is the founder of SYSSY.

Web developer for frontend and backend. Search engine optimizer. Website analyst. Freelancer. Web agency.

Years of experience in web development and implementation of websites with CMS like TYPO3, WordPress and Magento as well as development of PHP projects with different frameworks brought the need for a tool like SYSSY to light.

From the idea to the product it took several years and many hurdles had to be overcome. Now the use of SYSSY in the company is unthinkable without it.


Valuable support from outside

Thanks to the support of numerous experts in their field, SYSSY has been able to grow into what it is.

Here is an excerpt from our partners: