Terms of Service

Status July 2021, Version 1.0

The following Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to simply as ToS) define the framework for the services offered by SYSSY and apply to all services provided by SYSSY Online GmbH, Am Grünen Hang 24, 4040 Linz (hereinafter referred to simply as “SYSSY”) on the https://www.syssy.net/ and https://app.syssy.net website.

1. Registration

1.1. Registration is required to use the web application offered by SYSSY.

1.2. You (hereinafter referred to simply as “user”) can register free of charge at any time on the website app.syssy.net/register. To complete registration, you have to provide the required data in the form and confirm the e-mail address provided via the confirmation link in the registration e-mail sent to you.

2.3. SYSSY offers its services business to business (b2b) only.


2. User account

2.1. The User can log in to their user account at https://app.syssy.net/login.

2.2. The access data for using the online service are the access code (user name) and the personal password, which the User can change at any time.

2.3. The User can change the data deposited by them at any time in the user settings.

2.4. The User can delete the user account at any time in the user account settings.

2.5. It is not possible to create multiple accounts with one e-mail-address. You will receive one invoice per account. At this point, joint invoicing is not possible.


3. System requirements

3.1. To use the web application offered by SYSSY, you need an Internet-capable client.

3.2. We designed the web application for the most common browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera. If you experience display problems on the client, please use the following browsers: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

3.3. No minimum bandwidth is required to use the web application, but a stable internet connection is necessary.

3.4. SYSSY designed the web application for usage on the mobile devices iOs and Android. The User can download the app from the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is also possible to use them via the mobile browser.


4. Obligation to cooperate and due diligence of the User

4.1. The User must keep the access data and the password for the User account safe and not pass them on to third parties.

4.2. The User must check all data for completeness and correctness before release.

4.3. The User is obliged to keep the data stored in the user account up to date. If the data changes, it can be modified in the user account settings of the user account.

4.4. If the User has a reasonable suspicion of the occurrence of illegal actions or contract infringement, he must inform SYSSY about it.


5. Trial period

5.1. When registering for the first time, a trial period of 31 (thirty-one) days is activated. You may enter into a subscription at any time during this trial period. The subscription period will start after the trial period has ended.

5.2. After your trial period or your subscription has ended, your new subscription period starts on the day of concluding the contract.


6. Payment systems

6.1. The User chooses the invoicing interval when placing the order.

6.2. The User chooses between monthly and annual payments.

6.3. SYSSY currently only offers payment by invoice. The annual fee will be billed as one payment. For yearly fees, SYSSY gives 10% discount until further notice.


7. Blocking, deactivation, and withdrawal of access authorisation

7.1. SYSSY reserves the right to block, deactivate or close a user account if the User or a third party with access to the user account violates applicable law or contractual agreements.

7.2. SYSSY also reserves the right to deactivate, close or block a user account in the event of misuse or use in violation of the agreement.

7.3. SYSSY reserves the right to deactivate user access if the User is in delay with due payments.

7.4. SYSSY will block access if the password is entered incorrectly ten (10) times within one (1)hour - calculated from the first incorrect entry. For activation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with support(at)syssy.net.


8. Technical faults and support

8.1. The services are available 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

8.2. The services may be limited or offline during maintenance and technical servicing work and updates or upgrades. We will inform you about limitations to our services and maintenance windows in advance.

8.3. Please get in touch with our support team by e-mail at support(at)syssy.net from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 CET. Our support team is happy to settle any technical questions and help with registration and administration matters.


9. Privacy policy

9.1. We comply with the applicable data protection regulations, in particular the DSGVO. You can find our data protection declaration and further information on our website at: https://www.syssy.net/en/privacy-app.


10. Change management

10.1. The current version of these Terms of Services is available on our website. If you have any questions about an earlier version, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by e-mail at support(at)syssy.net.