Performance Monitoring

The performance always in view.
View performance data for all your websites - not just today, but also historically.

Regular performance checks of your website

Performance Analysis

SYSSY analyzes your websites at least once a day using the open source software Google Lighthouse. You can view the data of the current analysis in a comprehensive detailed view. You have the overall overview in the project table and the progress of individual projects in the monitoring archive.


For each website you can see the most important performance values ​​and key figures in a clear overview, which Google also takes into account when ranking your website:

  • FCP: Loading fime for first content 
  • LCP: Largest contentful paint 
  • TBT: Total blocking time 
  • SI: Speed index | Full loading time
  • TTI: Time to interactive
  • CLS: Cumulative layout shift 

SYSSY also shows you the following information:

  • Errors in console
  • Loaded via HTTPS
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • Total size of the website
  • Summary - number of Requests

Keep track

Performance Probleme erkennen.

  • Receive a regular analysis - not just sporadically for customer inquiries
  • Detect oversized media content on the homepage
  • Respond if the total size of your website is too high
  • Analyze too long loading times