Here you can find some answers to frequently asked questions.

If you can't find your answer, please send us an email to support(at)syssy.net.
We're happy to help!

Start with SYSSY


I did not receive a confirmation email when registering. What should I do?

Please click on the following link, here you can restart the sending process: Resend activation email
If you still do not receive an email, please contact support at support(at)syssy.net

Connect your website with SYSSY

Connect website

Where can I find the plugins for the different CMS?

There are currently plugins for Wordpress and TYPO3. You can find the download when you are logged in under "Service".

The plugin cannot communicate with SYSSY, I get an error message.

Please generate a new API key in the project settings and enter the API key again in your backend of the website.
If there are still problems, please contact us with a detailed description of the problem support(at)syssy.net.

If you are using Wordpress, please check if you have any plugin installed that blocks the Wordpress API. There are some plugins like "Disable WP REST API" that block the complete API.
Most of the plugins offer settings for specific API endpoints. Check your plugin settings if you can find something about SYSSY API.

Please check your URL you entered at app.syssy.net for your project. The URL should be the URL of your landing page.

Monitoring your website


My website cannot be monitored. What can I do?

It is possible that your hoster has SYSSY on the blacklist and is blocking our requests.
We are happy to contact the host and try to solve the problem.
In this case, please contact our support directly at support(at)syssy.net and send us the following information: Domain of the website, name of the host

Everything about the emails


I don't get emails about alerts. Where can i customize that?

You can activate and deactivate alerts mails for every single project. Please check the settings there.

You can configure your email address in your user settings. Select user settings and "Error email" you can click on the button "Edit notification address" and then enter an email address.

The daily mail is annoying. Where can I leave this?

Under "Daily Mail" settings you can click on the "Edit settings" button and unsubscribe from your daily mail.

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