Customer management

Assign your projects to customers and get practical overviews of your customers.

Manage your website customers.

Customer administration

SYSSY manages your customers for the projects!

You can create as many customers as you like and manage the following data:

  • company name
  • address
  • postcode
  • location
  • country
  • contact person
  • contact email
  • contact phone
  • notes


The customers can then be assigned to projects, which means that we can generate practical overviews of the customers, in which you can see all customer projects and the most important information.

For example, if you have a larger customer for whom you are responsible for several web projects, you can see at a glance in the customer overview which website updates need to be made. The data only has to be packed into an e-mail or an offer and that's it. :)

Save time and import a CSV file.

Customer import

Do you already have your customers in an Excel list or agency software from which you can start an export? Excellent! You can also transfer your customers directly to SYSSY via a simple CSV import. Copy the CSV with the customer data (template is provided) and import everything with just a click of a button. This saves you valuable time that you can spend on your projects.


Export your data to a CSV file.

Customer export

We don't sit on your data and of course offer you an export of your customer data. The data is exported to a CSV file, which you can then use for any purpose.


Keep track

All customer projects at a glance.

  • Management of your customers
  • Project overview per customer
  • Data import from CSV
  • Export the data to a CSV file