SEO Check

Technical SEO at a glance.
Get an overview of technical SEO data of all your homepages.

Regular SEO checks of your website

SEO analysis of the home page

SYSSY analyzes the SEO data of your websites at least once a day and recognizes when problems arise. You can view the data of the current analysis in a comprehensive detailed view. You have the complete overview in the project table and can immediately see where a problem occures.

In the heat of the moment, important things can be overlooked during the go-live, such as not making the switch from the robots tag from "noindex" to "index", meaning that the page is not indexed by Google. If the website is configured incorrectly, Google cannot index the new page, which can have fatal consequences, especially during a relaunch of a website.

There are often missing H1 headings on the start page, or perhaps even double H1 headings, which SYSSY also recognizes and displays. Important data is also checked, such as whether there is an XML sitemap or a robots.txt.

SYSSY also checks whether the "generator" meta tag contains content. The contents of this tag are automatically generated by some content management systems and contain a version of the software used. If the website is not kept up to date, information about possible security gaps is given here, which makes it easier for hackers to hack the website.

In addition, the most important Open Graph Meta Tags are checked - whether they are available and filled. This is important if you want to share your page on social media.

If you create your website at SYSSY as a project after the go-live and start a manual analysis, you can immediately see at a glance whether everything fits.

SEO Overview

For each website you can see the most important SEO data with a traffic light display in a clear overview:

  • Title
  • H1
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta canonical
  • Meta robots
  • Meta generator
  • Meta og:title
  • Meta og:description
  • Meta og:image
  • XML-Sitemap
  • robots.txt

Respond to the following problems during operation:

  • Recognize when an editor unintentionally disables the SEO plugin ;)
  • The xml sitemap cannot be read
  • There is no robots.txt because it might was lost during an update
  • After the CMS update you can see the CMS version in the meta tag "generator"
  • Something went wrong with the update of the SEO plugin and meta tags are missing

Keep track

SEO Probleme erkennen.

  • Receive a regular analysis - not just sporadically for customer inquiries
  • Detect missing or badly filled tags
  • Keep track of all your pages and their SEO content