Why is SYSSY called SYSSY?


Anyone who has managed multiple websites knows that it's a long-term, tedious Sisyphean task. Every website needs to be monitored, reviewed and maintained. In addition to technical adjustments, legal changes may be required as new laws are passed.

With a larger number of websites, this constant review can become very time-consuming and cause you to lose track of everything.

SYSSY is a SYStem that provides support for exactly this SISYphus work, hence the name. :)

The advantages of SYSSY at a glance:

  • More resources for new projects by providing targeted information on necessary updates.
  • Increased revenue from website updates, as targeted update offers can be made to customers.
  • Reduced hacker attacks by uncovering security vulnerabilities, resulting in happier customers.
  • Faster detection of serious DSGVO, SEO and performance problems thanks to regular checks by SYSSY.

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