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Today we would like to introduce you to the founder of SYSSY, Ingrid Stürmer.

Ingrid Stürmer grew up on a small farm in the beautiful Mühlviertel, but for 15 years the founder has already lived in Linz.

Her school career led her from elementary school and secondary school in the countryside to the Matura at the HAK Linz-Auhof. 
Already during her time at HAK she decided to focus on business informatics, as she has always been fascinated by IT. 
In 2003, the first website was developed in the course of the Matura project.

After graduating from high school, Ingrid gained professional experience as an investment fund controller in a bank. 
At the same time, she continued her passion for web development and worked on various websites. 
However, her big wish to work in an advertising agency as a web developer turned out to be difficult for a HAK graduate. 
Therefore, after 2 years in the working world, the decision was made to pursue a bachelor's degree in "Media Technology and Design" at the FH Hagenberg.

After successfully completing her master's degree in "Digital Media" at Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences in 2010, the graduate gained extensive experience in the field of web development during many years of agency work. With the acquired specialization in TYPO3 and Magento, the step into full independence with the sole proprietorship "Pixelstürmer" was dared in 2015. 
The repertoire was constantly expanded to include Wordpress and various other CMS and PHP frameworks.

In the following years, many projects were created in collaboration with web and advertising agencies and as a freelancer.

In May 2018, the entry into force of the DSGVO brought a turning point. Over 50 websites had to be reviewed, scanned for DSGVO content and adapted. 
Spring 2018 was characterized by tedious Sisyphean work that ended in large Excel lists.

Tedious work often goes hand in hand with the desire to simplify, and this is how the first idea for SYSSY was born, the development of which began in 2019. After the founding of SYSSY Online GmbH in 2020, professional activity is now shifting more and more towards SYSSY.

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