We have all the necessary information on the server. Why SYSSY?


We are often asked "Why do we actually need SYSSY? What is the added value?”.

Many agencies have managed servers on which all their projects are located and which offer a nice project overview or a software with which you can keep an overview of all projects. Good question, then, why do you still need SYSSY?

Why so I need SYSSY

We thought again about what you don't have on these servers and what SYSSY can do. Here is an overview of the added value you have with SYSSY:

There are documentation entries for all your projects. SYSSY automatically detects updates to CMS and PHP versions and records them in your documentation. You can also create your own documentation for website updates and even have it sent to your customers. So you can always understand when what happened. This is important if, for example, you make changes that could affect the search engine or performance, or if the customer wants to know exactly when an update was made.

SEO check
Our SEO tool has only recently been on board. At a glance you can see for all your websites whether the basic things are right for SEO. For example, it is checked whether your website can be indexed by Google at all, or whether you forgot to set the robots meta tag to index during GO LIVE. Furthermore, the start page is checked for various tags such as title tag or meta description.

Performance check
In addition to the SEO content, you will see performance content. We analyze your websites with Google Lighthouse and store the data in SYSSY. You have direct access to the performance history and can see how your website is performing after your updates.

Customer management
With the help of customer management, you can assign customers to your projects and have a project overview for each customer. This makes it easier when you need to offer updates to a client for multiple websites.

Project search
The project search is an extremely important feature for us because you can search for different content across all projects. For example, you can search for installed Wordpress plugins or TYPO3 extensions, which plays an important role when a security release is released for a plugin or extension. You have to find out which projects are affected by the vulnerability in order to fix them with an update. An otherwise tedious search is carried out with SYSSY in just one click.

GDPR content
You can store GDPR content for every project. Finally, all projects that have installed a Facebook pixel or Google Analytics can be found via the project search. If something changes legally in the future, which necessitates adjustments to projects with certain GDPR content, you can easily create a list of the projects affected.

Server independence
SYSSY is server independent. You can host each project on a different server, with SYSSY the information is collected and clearly displayed.

Site monitoring
Almost forgotten, very important: Website Monitoring. If your website is down, you will receive a message about it via email or push notification via the SYSSY app. A significant advantage over your tool on the managed server. If the managed server goes down, it's hard for it to notify you of an outage. ;)

CMS monitoring
And there is also CMS monitoring, i.e. you get a notification if a security update needs to be installed on the CMS. But the managed server might be able to do that too. ;)

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