SYSSY TYPO3 Extension on TER available


SYSSY extension is now available for download for TYPO3 in the TER.


You can either install the extension directly via your TYPO3 backend in the extension manager or download it from TER at There are different versions of the extension so that we can cover as many TYPO3 versions as possible. The latest version for TYPO3 10 and 11 is also available for installation via composer.

Install the extension, store the SYSSY API key in the TypoScript and update the API connection to the website on SYSSY.

You can already view up-to-date data in SYSSY such as:

  • TYPO3 Version
  • installed and activated extensions incl. versions
  • server software
  • PHP version
  • MySQL version
  • HTTP version
  • server IP address

If there are security updates for your TYPO3 installation, PHP version or MySQL version, SYSSY will inform you via email or app notification.

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