SYSSY detects security gaps in TYPO3 extensions and WordPress plugins


SYSSY makes it visible!

With the new feature that detects security gaps in WordPress plugins and TYPO3 extensions in your installations, nothing remains undiscovered. 🧐

Liste of extension alerts

Connect SYSSY with the WordPress plugin or the TYPO3 extension with your Content Management System and always get up-to-date data on all extensions and plugins in your SYSSY project overview.

In the background, the versions of your plugins and extensions are compared with security gaps and this is how we detect insecure components in your websites.

The alert list shows you at a glance which projects are having problems, so you can take care of the security of your websites step by step.

In this way you can reduce the risk of hacked websites and prevent problems with customer projects and customers, and you can also save yourself a lot of time by regularly maintaining the websites and not ending up with a hacked website that has to be restored with a lot of effort or cleand up from malicious code. Quite apart from the fact that Google can punish you with a lower ranking if Google notices a hacked website before you do.

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