Android & iOs App ist here!


We are happy about our brand new app for Android & iOs, which sends you an immediate push notification to your smartphone if there are problems with your website. So you always have everything in view and your are up to date!

Image with different devices showing the SYSSY app

We spent almost half a year developing the SYSSY app and everything around it.

The app fetches the data directly from SYSSY via an API, so you always have the current data for all websites with you.

If there are problems, push notifications are sent directly to the device and you are informed immediately. The push notifications can be deactivated directly via the app, as well as the days and times for notifications can be set - if you like to spend the weekend and don't want to know anything about your websites. ;)

Download the app directly from the store to your smartphone:

Android App  iOs App

Of course you need a SYSSY account to use the app.

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