5 New Year's resolutions for web developers and web agencies


Start 2024 with these 5 crucial resolutions and lead your websites to success! :)

New Year's resolutions 2023 for web developers and web agencies
  1. Monitor your websites better *
    Security, performance and GDPR - all at a glance with SYSSY.

  2. Faster security updates **
    Protect against hacker attacks by installing updates within a few days.

  3. Keep your CMS up to date **
    Perform CMS version upgrades on time to always be up to date

  4. Maximize revenue with regular updates **
    Offer regular updates to customers without a maintenance contract.

  5. Get an all-round view with the SYSSY subscription
    Take out a SYSSY subscription and manage all your websites with ease and precision. :)

    * SYSSY monitors your website regularly - for availability, security, performance, SEO and GDPR
    ** SYSSY notifies you when updates are needed

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