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With the new feature that detects the integration of Google services on your website, nothing remains undiscovered. 🧐

Screenshot of the alert list from SYSSY with GDPR problems

SYSSY checks your websites for the integration of Google services such as Google Fonts, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Maps and Google ReCaptcha. Integrating these services without consent of the visitor is not GDPR compliant and the risk of warnings increases.

SYSSY tracks down your non-GDPR compliant pages and shows you the need for action.
The alert list shows you at a glance which projects are having problems, so you can take care of the GDPR compliance of your websites step by step.

In this way you can reduce the risk of warnings and prevent problems with customer projects and customers, and you can also save yourself a lot of time because you don't have to check each website separately for GDPR compliance.

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