New feature: TYPO3 Update Checker


Anyone who has ever performed TYPO3 updates knows how tedious it can be to check all extensions to see if they are already available for the next TYPO3 version. With the new “TYPO3 Update Checker”, SYSSY tries to simplify the work and to support the TYPO3 upgrade.

[Translate to English:] TYPO3 Update-Checker

The new “Update Checker” feature is now available for all TYPO3 projects.
In the project overview of each TYPO3 project, there is now the button “TYPO3 Update Checker” under the system information. Behind this new view is an overview that is helpful for TYPO3 updates.

You can see

  • which PHP and MySQL versions the newer TYPO3 versions require
  • which installed extensions are available for the higher TYPO3 versions

This saves you having to check the individual projects and extensions and gives you a good overview at all times, which you can use to make update decisions more quickly.

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